Individual Charged with DUI Wins his License Back

Y.N. was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Miami-Dade after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a wall. He faced a one year suspension of his license based on the charges. Criminal defense attorney Benjamin Fernandez appeared for Y.N. at the formal review. More information about the civil aspect of a DUI.

At the formal review Mr. Fernandez made various arguments concerning the lack of probable cause the officer had to believe that Y.N. was under the influence of alcohol, chemical or other substances. When an officer arrests a driver for suspicion of DUI he or she must have sufficient probable cause to believe that the driver was either driving or in actual physical control of the vehicle, while under the influence of alcohol or chemical or controlled substances.

After winning her formal review hearing, Y.N.’s license was fully reinstated.

There are numerous defenses to a DUI. Do not let the officer’s assumption that you were under the influence go unchallenged. While a first time DUI plea offer may not carry jail time, a DUI conviction has lasting effects. For more information regarding the administrative and criminal aspects of a DUI click here: Benjamin Fernandez DUI Defense.

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