Sometimes Accidents do Happen

Sometimes accidents do happen, and the owner of the other vehicle is not around. While parking at a shopping center, Mr. Fernandez's client accidentally hit another car, but the owner the vehicle was not present to exchange information. After waiting for some time, he left to go about his business. His car was towed by the responding officer and held pending investigation. The City of Sunny Isles Police denied Mr. Fernandez's client access to his car based on allegations that it was involved in a hit and run.
Mr. Fernandez was able to release the car and resolve the matter for his client without an arrest or charges being filed. If you, or someone you know, is being investigated or formally accused of a crime Contact Mr. Fernandez to set up a free consultation.
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DWLS – Driving While License Suspended

Charges were dismissed today by the State Attorney in case number A05KUPP. The defendant was driving while on a suspended license for DUI (Driving Under the Influence). Prior to retaining Mr. Fernandez, the State was offering an adjudication and 10 days in Dade County Jail. Mr. Fernandez filed a Motion to Suppress the Stop and at the hearing for the Motion, the charges were dropped.
The charge of Driving While License Suspended can happen to anyone. It can be charged as Knowingly (meaning he knew or should have known his license was suspended) or Unknowingly (meaning he did not know his license was suspended.) In either event, the charges are categorized as a misdemeanor criminal offense. If you or someone your know was arrested for DWLS contact that Mr. Fernandez immediately for a  Read more share

Driving Under the Influence


If you, or someone you know has been arrested for suspicion of DUI in Miami, Coral Gables, or South Florida, please do not wait to contact our office. The first consultation is always free. At the Law Office of Benjamin Fernandez, we use the term suspicion of DUI because that is exactly what it is. The officer suspects you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol based on several factors and therefore arrested you. It may have been the smell of alcohol on your breath, the way you were driving your car, or your inability to properly complete the acrobatic exercises they call field sobriety tests, to name a few. Now it is your turn to fight back and prove your innocence. There is a logical explanation for all the factors that officers use to establish, in their minds, that someone is under the influence...
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